Artist Statement

I sculpt vessels from alabaster, a translucent stone, which responds well to tools and yields a form that can be both earthy and elegant. The material offers an infinite range of colors and patterns. Like color, the curvilinear line of the vessels can evoke a wide spectrum of emotions ranging from contemplative to very tense. The curved form can be delicate, feminine, thoughtful, masculine, aggresive, or primal. The shapes and the natural materials initiate a unique "thought poem."

My inspiration is drawn from a rugged, frontier lifestyle which comes from growing up on ranches in Wyoming, logging in the Northwest, and commercial fishing the waters of Alaska. I try, with care and sensitivity, to translate these experiences into forms that let you feel the wind, taste the salt and see the far mountains.

The materials are mostly stone and wood, used since the dawn of time to create ceremonial and useful artifacts. The stone, held in a traditional lathe and worked almost exclusively with hand tools, is combined with various hardwoods to create each vessel.

My compositions include elements drawn from many cultures, relying heavily on the pottery created by the early Pueblo people. Some are simply playful. Others are based on classic Greek mathematical proportions and design theory with an emphasis on the Golden Mean Rectangle.